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Great Articles on Supply Chain Security

This last week saw two great new articles on supply chain security in two different industries: the first from Wired Magazine on the casino gaming industry, and the second from Dark Reading on the data breaches in various defense company networks through security authentication devices.

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Counterfeit Chips Traced to Weapon Programs

Last week, Wired Magazine reported on the findings regarding a large number of counterfeit military IC’s purchased from the company VisionTech by the US Navy. Business Insider published a similar article with slightly more alarmist leanings. Both articles discuss the worst-case scenario: foreign installed ‘Trojan Horses’ found in counterfeit ICs that have self-destruct timers or watch for specific input triggers to stop working (‘Kill Switches’).

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Adding an ‘Anti-Counterfeiting Executive Agent’ Fails to Make 2011 Defense Authorization Bill

The headline on InsideDefense.com last week was that the provision to add a Supply Chain Executive Agent to address counterfeiting was dropped from the Defense Authorization Bill.

This means it is still everyone’s problem . . . and no one person’s.

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