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Snapshot of Personal Security Certifications

Snapshot of Relevant Security Certifications, Use of Secure Processor

As I’ve mentioned on a previous entry on this blog, there are a variety of vendor specific and vendor neutral ‘security professional’ certifications recognized in the marketplace today. As with any high technology field, however, standardization and cross-applicability is very difficult. Continue reading


Building Security Credentials, as a Company and Individual Contributor

There are probably few who would disagree that the market for information security and security software is on a major growth path. Gartner estimates 8% growth to an overall market of $14.5 Billion in security software, and other blogs are extensively covering White House initiatives and funding for Cyber Security in national infrastructure.

So without a doubt, many companies are now or will soon be entering the IT Security market. Some of these companies already have a legacy of software in malware detection and anti-virus licensing. Some have background in certification processes through NIST, NIAP, or other Government or commercial security body. But many of these companies will be entering what can loosely be called the ‘security market’ from a background in traditional software, business services, or architectural design backgrounds, and will have to establish their experience or credentials in the security market. So how exactly do they do this? Continue reading