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CPU Tech Discusses ‘PUF’ Technologies

Those familiar with CPU Tech know that the company does not publicly discuss the specific techniques and technologies used in the Secure Processor or the Secure Design Environment. However, today Military Embedded Systems published an article submitted by CPU Tech discussing a very specific set of technologies that can be used for silicon security, and some conclusions about how the technology should be used.


‘Widespread Adoption’ is not the same as ‘Standard’ in Chip Security

Security is definitely one of the newest concerns in electronic design and semiconductor manufacturing. The largest monetary incentive to invest in security comes from the threat of counterfeit and faulty components, but there are several incentives that are harder to quantify for businesses.

One vendor of chip security solutions recently made an announcement on an ‘intiative’ to promote hardware security solutions. The ‘Hardware Intrinsic Security’ initiative claims to ‘Establish Credibility, Educate, and Reduce Barriers to Adoption’. After visiting their website, you may need to ask yourself:¬†what are they educating people about exactly? And they plan to reduce barriers to adoption of what exactly?

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