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Information specific to Sentry Secure Configuration Tool

Counterfeit Chips Traced to Weapon Programs

Last week, Wired Magazine reported on the findings regarding a large number of counterfeit military IC’s purchased from the company VisionTech by the US Navy. Business Insider published a similar article with slightly more alarmist leanings. Both articles discuss the worst-case scenario: foreign installed ‘Trojan Horses’ found in counterfeit ICs that have self-destruct timers or watch for specific input triggers to stop working (‘Kill Switches’).

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Leveraging Flexera Software’s Entitlement Management for Supply Chain Security

In this interview with Flexera Software, at their Software Summit last Fall, we explain how we are using entitlement management in our Acalis Sentry Security Server to partition security design and provide a unique supply chain solution to our customers.

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IEEE Security and Privacy Article: Configuring Secure Processors

At the risk of a bit of ‘vanity blogging’, CPU Tech has just published an article in the IEEE Journal for Security and Privacy. IEEE members can access the article for free, or the abstract and purchase information can be reached at this link.

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NIST Starts to Address Supply Chain with NISTIR 7622

Just last week, the National Institute of Standards (NIST) published the first draft of a new guidance on Supply Chain Security for Federal Information Systems. This publication is titled NISTIR 7622: Piloting Supply Chain Risk Management for Federal Information Systems.

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AT Feature Implementation as Information Assurance

This is a slight sneak-preview of the presentation submitted by CPU Tech to the Department of Defense Anti-Tamper Conference happening this week. This overview is provided with no sensitive or proprietary information.

Another disclaimer as well: CPU Tech may change our presentation topic and content for this conference at the request of the conference hosts. If you are attending the conference, please stay tuned~

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CPU Tech Secure Processor Solutions Built with INTEGRITY

A joint press release went out today from CPU Tech and Green Hills Software, announcing the availability of the GHS INTEGRITY RTOS for the Acalis secure processor.

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Trust-Oriented Design Environment

For the majority of the different embedded processor devices available on the market, there is a software development environment created to enable software coders to do their job. This includes a variety of elements including source code capture, debuggers, compilers, linkers, test tools, and visualization tools. The differentiation between one embedded processor and the next is as much about performance as it is about ease of use and productivity. In addition, interoperability between other third party productivity tools is a major consideration. Those who architect and implement design environments for embedded processors tend to prioritize these two factors. Continue reading