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General Observances

Great Articles on Supply Chain Security

This last week saw two great new articles on supply chain security in two different industries: the first from Wired Magazine on the casino gaming industry, and the second from Dark Reading on the data breaches in various defense company networks through security authentication devices.

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Where is ‘Export Control Reform’ at?

Cutting and pasting below some remarks this morning from Andrew Shapiro at the Defense Trade Advisory Group. He doesn’t give a lot of detail, other than to say ‘We’re working on it.’

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CPU Tech Discusses ‘PUF’ Technologies

Those familiar with CPU Tech know that the company does not publicly discuss the specific techniques and technologies used in the Secure Processor or the Secure Design Environment. However, today Military Embedded Systems published an article submitted by CPU Tech discussing a very specific set of technologies that can be used for silicon security, and some conclusions about how the technology should be used.

Highlighting our Software Security Partners

Practically all of CPU Tech’s press releases last year are about compatibility with secure operating systems and software providers. That has not changed this year.

Following up on previous posts on this blog about promoting our work with Flexera Software and Mocana, two more links are now available on the front page of CPU Tech’s website.

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Leveraging Flexera Software’s Entitlement Management for Supply Chain Security

In this interview with Flexera Software, at their Software Summit last Fall, we explain how we are using entitlement management in our Acalis Sentry Security Server to partition security design and provide a unique supply chain solution to our customers.

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Sometimes the ‘Good Guys’ Use Malware, Too

This is the first confirmation that the Stuxnet virus completely shut down some nuclear enrichment in Iran.

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Intel: Buying their way to Secure

The announcement yesterday that Intel was purchasing security software/hardware/services firm McAfee for $7.68 Billion dollars has certainly changed the security landscape. But was it a surprise? Dark Reading seems to think so: “…[this] took many in the security industry by surprise“.

I sincerely doubt that. In addition to the rumors of HP buyout for sometime (which Dark Reading mentions), there is a certain karmic reliability that ‘a company that lives by acquisition, will die by acquisition’ (pardon my paraphrasing of the Book of Matthew). McAfee’s acquisition list in the last two years included companies like MX Logic, and CEO David DeWalt claimed the company would continue to make 3-4 acquisitions¬†per year for growth into the security sector.¬†

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