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The Importance of ‘Trusted Suppliers’

One of the unique features of the secure processor offered by CPU Tech is its origin from the IBM Trusted Foundry in East Fishkill, New York. While there is a general awareness of what this means (the average person will essentially equate the claim to ‘Made in the USA’), there is not a general understanding of the real threats and vulnerabilities inherent in manufacturing overseas. As electronic devices become more complex and sophisticated, this threat increases. Therefore, the issue of ‘trusted electronics’ and ‘trusted components’ will only increase in volume.

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Trust-Oriented Design Environment

For the majority of the different embedded processor devices available on the market, there is a software development environment created to enable software coders to do their job. This includes a variety of elements including source code capture, debuggers, compilers, linkers, test tools, and visualization tools. The differentiation between one embedded processor and the next is as much about performance as it is about ease of use and productivity. In addition, interoperability between other third party productivity tools is a major consideration. Those who architect and implement design environments for embedded processors tend to prioritize these two factors. Continue reading