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Publicizing the ‘Secure Anchor Point’ Application of the Secure Processor

This week, CPU Tech posted a new white paper to the website of Military Embedded Systems titled simply ‘Secure Anchor Point’.

This is one of the most useful and comprehensive use cases of the Acalis secure processor, taking advantage of nearly all available security features, including secure boot, tamper-resistance, resistance to reverse engineering, and on-chip firewalling and data segregation.

A full description of the Secure Anchor Point use case is described in the white paper. In summary, however, the Secure Anchor Point is a trusted, high security system monitor used to initialize system health inquiries, black and white list data format checks, component and process authentication, and other innovative techniques. These interrogations and inquiries are aimed at early discovery of counterfeit software and hardware components, malicious and unintended communications activity, and malicious or non-malicious cascading errors within a system. Continue reading