CPU Tech Welcomes Kevin Kirk as New Anti-Tamper Executive Agent

Effective this week, current Anti-Tamper Executive Agent for the Department of Defense Ernie Haendschke will be moving on to a new office of responsibility. Taking his place as the director of SAF/AQLS and effective/interim Anti-Tamper Executive Agent will be Kevin Kirk, who has worked previously in LO/CLO (Low Observable, Counter Low Observable) support and coordination of foreign military sales.

CPU Tech would like to thank Ernie for his time, effort, and representation of the Anti-Tamper technology area over the last few years, and welcome Kevin in his new set of responsibilities.

This comes with a series of other changes, as tend to occur each summer in the Government hierarchy. In addition to the recent transition of the Secretary of Defense office from Robert Gates to Leon Panetta, the Anti-Tamper mission area is also seeing a transition of responsibilities from Tony Kim at the Air Force Research Lab ATSPI Center. Taking over the role of AT Program Management will be Captain Jason Williams, and the role of AT Technology Lead will be assumed by Mr. Frank Parada.


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