Where is ‘Export Control Reform’ at?

Cutting and pasting below some remarks this morning from Andrew Shapiro at the Defense Trade Advisory Group. He doesn’t give a lot of detail, other than to say ‘We’re working on it.’

There are no specific mentions of anti-tamper technologies or new export compliance regulations, though there will be some drastically different definitions and screenings for ‘ITAR Control’ in both defense and commercial sales articles.

“As you all know, Export Control Reform is a major priority of this administration, and we are pleased to note that the reform effort is continuing apace. We are increasingly making strides toward a new phase of Export Control Reform – where we convert the plans and concepts still on the drawing board into concrete proposals and regulatory changes. Since the last DTAG Plenary in October, the PM Bureau has initiated a number of ITAR revisions. We published proposed rules on the revision of USML Category VII and plan to publish additional categories for comment in the near future. We have also published a proposed new policy to address the so called “see-through” rule, and a proposed exemption for the export of replacement parts in the Federal Register. We are now in the process of reviewing comments and revising these rules for final publication. The final rule on Third Country and Dual Nationals should be published this week. DTAG recommendations were incorporated into all of these rules.”

— Plenary Address, 3 May 2011, Defense Trade Advisory Group

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