CPU Tech Announces the Acalis Sentry™ Security Server

CPU Tech authorized a press release today announcing the release of the Acalis Sentry™ Security Server. The full text of the press release is availabe on the CPU Tech web site, or in an early release and publication at Dark Reading.

At the most basic level, the security server can be thought of as a software plug-in for the Acalis Software Development Kit. This plug-in allows the Security Engineer (a role that can be differentiated from Software Developer) to do a variety of things: a) perform final encryption of the binary boot file for the Acalis Secure Processor, and b) set the various firewall and hardware security settings of the secure processor as well. This software plug-in happens to be hosted on a secure hardware box, utilizing the Acalis CPU872 Secure Processor to protect both CPU Tech’s and the user’s critical programming files, including the encryption algorithm and processes. This raises the security level of the software to the level of the hardware.

Acalis Sentry Security Server

Acalis Sentry Security Server

This unique approach to security development, engineering, and code development offers users several distinct advantages over the way things are ‘usually done’. First, the security parameters of the system can be defined up-front and prior to coding using a simple GUI interface. This helps codify and define the role of the Security Engineer. Second, Acalis Sentry guarantees that both the encryption algorithm for the Acalis Secure Processor and the handling of keys for final encryption are handled within a secure processor, and never revealed in cleartext outside of the Acalis Sentry server. And third, the clear and unambiguous security settings menu in the Sentry Management Console allows highly streamlined security testing and scenario testing to take place, allowing designers and testers to develop and test a variety of security policies before settling on final settings for the secure processor.

Descriptions of the Acalis Sentry Security Server are available in new product briefings on the CPU Tech webpage, and an overview of the purpose and utility of the hardware firewall settings are available in a new white paper posted in the same area. Additional information on product cost, availability, and capabilities can be directed to CPU Tech sales representatives, or to the contacts indicated on the CPU Tech web page.

The security server itself is a very self-sufficient ‘secure computer’ that can be utilized for a variety of different uses, including the delivery of secure code and IP from CPU Tech to customers, or from our customers to their own end customers. Look forward to other innovative uses of the Acalis Sentry Security Server on future entries of this blog.


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